$55 (45 min)

Let your face be the canvas for an eye catching natural daytime look or radiate a dazzling nighttime cosmetic appearance. $55 (45 min)

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$75 (1 hr)

Is your mirror reflecting an outdated make-up look or an improper make-up application? Make-up from concealer to finishing touches! $75 - (1 hr)

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$100 & up (1 1/2 hr)

How we look affects how other people think of us. Finally, we offer an appropriate makeover for those of you who have congenital skin defects, or have had reconstructive surgery, a traumatic accident or skin discoloration. Learn the proper method of skin care & camouflage make-up application as the make-up is applied. In addition, we offer pre and post cosmetic surgery facials. The post-op facial is best done between the tenth and twelfth day. $100 & up (1 1/2 hr)

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