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Design A Plan
An Educational, Results Driven Experience

Choose a Perfect Skin Care Plan That Fits Your Individual Needs

We at Skin By Nicole offer two specialized “Design a Plan” services customized for your Skin Care needs

Each carefully created plan is designed to cater to your specific level of needs and expectations:

  • Design a Plan #1 – This plan is desirable when an occasional Facial or Skin Care Treatment is of interest to you. Feel free to book your appointment and enjoy one of our expert Signature Facials or other offered services, on your schedule, whenever you desire one, while leaving your skin feeling cleansed, firmed, enriched and rejuvenated.
  • Design a Plan #2 – This unique plan designs a step-by-step treatment routine that only just begins with a one-hour expert consultation session. Future appointments, scheduled during the consultation, continue this results driven routine. Each part of this specialized process is designed to maximize your results. This initial session has a one-time fee of $75.

    During your initial consultation:

    • A high-tech Skin Scanner evaluates your skin
    • Focus in on specific areas of concern
    • Design the perfect, yet unique skin care plan
    • Carefully select the proper Vezze products
    • Schedule your future appointments

    Learn more about our unique and customized Design a Plan experience

Design a Plan #2

This unique plan designs a step-by-step treatment routine that begins with a one hour expert consultation session and has a one-time fee of $75. During our initial consultation session, your skin will be evaluated using a high-tech Skin Scanner, essentially mirroring back your face. Our scanner empowers a safe UV light, allowing us both to simultaneously visualize the areas that are in need of treatment and enables us to interact and better discuss ways we can work together to improve your skin. Each step of the process is explained in detail, offering the opportunity to educate along the way. We especially take the necessary time to focus on areas that you are most concerned with. This highly specialized strategy has you partnering with Nicole, an expert in Esthetics, to continuously evaluate, plan and treat your skin over the course of several treatment appointments. Throughout all of your carefully crafted appointments, we selectively redevelop your personalized treatment plan, professionally readdressing your skin concerns and skillfully propelling each treatment to the next level. During your initial consultation, we will also select the perfect Vezzé Skin Care products for you to purchase. These signature products will be necessary for your Initial Home Care Routine and used daily, prior to your first skin care appointment. This Initial Routine, done at home, allows your Vezzé products to begin preparing your skin over a 2-to-3-week time span and has demonstrated its ability to help achieve more noticeable and spectacular results, results that begin to show even before your first treatment. Each subsequent appointment will be scheduled every 2 to 3 weeks or as otherwise advised. As your skin improves, each appointment will be scheduled once a month or as needed. This truly specialized treatment plan has been proven to maximize the results you desire and with each step of this plan, you will continue to notice successful results. When partnered with the right expert in the field of Esthetics, the outcome will astound you!