Spa Waxing

We specialize in male and female full body waxing


Different parts of the body have different types of hair.  Each body part requires unique types and applications of wax. All waxes are not created equal. By using the appropriate wax on the appropriate body area, the skin is less likely to turn red and ingrown hairs are less likely to occur. All of our waxes are designed to work very specific body areas to maximize the hair removal process and minimize any redness and sensitivity.

Our Green Wax is specially designed for all areas of the face. This exceptional wax is delicately set with the technician’s finger and the clients own body heat. Our unique application allows this wax to remain very pliable.  By not adhering to the skin, our Green Wax is proven to reduce irritation and sensitivity. This extraordinary wax, which is Gluten Free and Paraben Free, is especially ideal for very delicate skin.

Our Blue Wax is created specifically for the course hair located in the delicate Bikini and Underarm areas. This amazing wax is applied using baby powder. Designed to “shrink wrap” only the hair, it will not adhere to the skin. Since this specialty wax does not stick to the skin, only to the hair growth, there is very little pulling and even less redness. Once you use this wax especially made for sensitive skin, you will never look to use any another.

Our Yellow Wax is designed exclusively for the larger parts of the body.  Once this 100% natural wax is placed on the back, chest, arms or legs, a muslin strip is applied over the area. This unique application allows the wax to adhere only to the hair and muslin, not to the skin. Created for all skin types, this wax works extremely well on dry or sensitive skin. Gluten Free and Paraben Free, this wax is sure to please

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